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Q. In what areas do you deliver?
A. We deliver in the 48 continental United States.

Q. Do you guarantee your distribution?
A. Yes, 95% of it. What we mean by 95% is that there is a possibility that there will be an occasional missed street or cul-de-sac when we are out in the field. Rest assured all of your advertisements and materials will be distributed. We make every effort to cover every street in your targeted area. The industry standard allows for that 5% margin of error. We are unique, in that our Delivery Team is GPS tracked, so we are able to show you PROOF of delivery. We encourage you to view your delivery using our LIVE GPS feature so that you can actually see your delivery happening in real time.

Q. Is there anything that affects a distribution?
A. Several things can present issues during a distribution, but these things are factors that are out of our control. Some of these include: difficult or dangerous terrain, hostile animals, wind, rain, snow and other hazardous weather conditions, vehicle breakdowns, and printer issues. The safety of our Delivery Team is very important to us.

Q. Does All Delivered offer printing?
A. Yes. Our parent company does offer competitive printing rates.

Q. Do you have a minimum number of pieces required for delivery?
A. Yes. Our standard minimum is 10,000 pieces. In some select target areas, we can deliver as few as 5,000 pieces.

Q. How many pieces can you deliver?
A. We can deliver from 5,000 to 5,000,000 pieces.

Q. How fast can I get my printed materials delivered?
A. Depending on the requested distribution location, we can deliver as soon as within 7 days.

Q. How do I know that you will deliver all of my printed materials?
A. You can be confident that your materials will be All Delivered, because we do what 99% of our competitors do not. For a list of these special procedures, go to The System.

Q. Do you hire illegals or people off the street to do my deliveries?
A. No, all of our delivery people are pre-screened and trained.

Q. What are your payment terms?
A. We accept cash, check, PayPal, debit or credit cards. A 50% deposit is required to reserve a delivery date. The balance must be received 7 to 14 days prior to delivery date, depending on your delivery area.

Q. Is there someone I can contact if there is a problem on the day of delivery?
A. Yes. You will be provided with the phone number of our Dispatch, who will contact the Delivery Manager on duty.

Q. Do you delivery people wear uniforms?
A. Yes, our Deliver Team can be recognized by their uniforms.

Q. If I have my own printed materials, will you deliver them?
A. Yes, we specialize in handling all of your printed materials.

Q. Can you deliver to apartment homes?
A. Yes. We deliver to apartment complexes on a regular basis.

Q. Can I monitor my delivery?
A. Yes. We call you on the day of your delivery to give you the GPS tracking numbers that our Delivery Team is using. You can then view their progress, LIVE, at our special website.

Q. What type of response should I expect from my delivery campaign?
A. We promise to deliver your message to your customers. Customer response, however, is determined by your message. A great message with a great offer will bring more customers to your door.

Q. If All Delivered has the lowest prices, why did I receive a lower price quote from another delivery company?
A. Not all door hanger delivery companies are equal, just like frozen pizza is different from fresh pizza. Other delivery companies do not offer Live GPS Tracking. The can quote you a low price, but they cannot give you any way to verify how many pieces they actually delivered. If it’s not GPS Tracked, it’s not All Delivered!

Q. There are other companies offering GPS Tracking. Is all GPS Tracking the same?
A. No, the difference is All Delivered offers Live GPS Tracking. Other companies may offer GPS Tracking, but you cannot monitor and watch your delivery as it is taking place. Also, most of our competitors that offer GPS Tracking only place the device on their drivers or use the GPS device installed their cars, which means their delivery team could be someplace else. Our GPS Tracking devices are carried by each delivery team member, so you get to see Live and later in our online reports exactly where each team member delivered your advertisements.

  • Professional Delivery by Responsible Personnel
  • GPS Tracking of Delivery Personnel With Live, Online Monitoring
  • Reasonable, Competitive Rates
  • As Low as *$90 Per 1,000 Delivered

    *In selected areas, call for more details.
    (minimum 10,000)

  • Door to Door Distribution
  • Business to Business Distribution
  • Street Team Distribution
  • & More

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