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    We are one of only 4 companies nationwide that offers "LIVE GPS TRACKING!" This means you will be able to watch your deliveries "REAL TIME", while they are taking place.

    With LIVE GPS TRACKING, if there is an issue of delivery in the wrong areas, you would be able to contact our dispatch, who will be able to correct the situation instantl instead of finding out after the delivery is finished that all of your flyers or door hangers were delivered to the wrong areas.

    With LIVE GPS TRACKING, you can verify that yor flyers or door hangers actually ARE being delivered, instead of taking someone's word for it that it has been done.

    The Flyer and Door Hanger Advertisement Distribution is an unregulated industry, and there are many companies that DO NOT get your advertisements All Delivered!

    It is NOT about getting the LOWEST quote. Because if our competitors delivery only HALF of your flyers or door hangers, you are paying more than double the LOW Quote that you received!

  • REAL TIME. The day of your delivery our office will contact you and provide you with a website where you will be able to go to and watch your deliveries LIVE.

  • LAST 10 MINUTES REPORT. This is a section of our special GPS TRACKING website where you can view where our delivery team delivered your advertisements to in the last 10 minutes.

  • ARCHIVED REPORTS. Within 5 to 7 business days after your delivery has been completed, our office will post the GPS TRACKING reports of your entire delivery online for you to view on our special website. You will be able to see all of the areas your flyers or door hangers were delivered to.

  • Door to Door Distribution
  • Business to Business Distribution
  • Street Team Distribution
  • *GPS tracking included (Live GPS tracking available with additional fee.)

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